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Looking for a Resume Writing Service that will get results?

We are successful in helping our clients find that “Right” job. We spend the time asking the right questions to find the key information our clients bring to the table.

Call it insight, intuition or pure luck, but we always find and highlight the best talents, skills, experiences and accomplishments. These attributes become the “Key Words” necessary to be picked up by the pre-screening software programs most companies use to find the most qualified candidates.

To answer questions or arrange for a free consultation, please call 816-373-8813. We offer day, evening and weekend appointments to meet your needs. You have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain by finding out more about our services.

• Best Practices in Resumes

• A unique “No Boring” writing   approach that gives HR staff,   Recruiters and Hiring   Managers what they want to   know about you.

• An original resume that   highlights your Skills,   Competencies and personal   attributes and resonates with   Employer needs.

• Help in Interview preparation by uncovering and focusing on your best Qualities & Accomplishments.

• Proven success in helping   thousands of Clients realize   their Career Goals.

• A Word Document that is infinitely flexible to meet any Career Focus.

• Internet Ready to go On-line at   any Web site.

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The “Best Practices”
 in Resumes

The right
“key words” can mean the right job for you.

Join thousands of satisfied clients by having Resumes & More prepare a unique resume written specifically with your needs in mind. We guarantee your success. With a 25% Referral Rate from successful clients, we offer the latest in “Cutting-Edge” Resumes as promoted by Yahoo’s Hot Jobs as “Best Practices”. When you are one of our Clients, you get:

We take time to meet with you either in person or by telephone to discuss your background, skills, abilities, competencies, personal traits, technical background and any other area that will help potential employers gain insight into why you are a strong candidate, and what differentiates you from other applicants.

You are not given a template.
Each resume is original and fresh with your particular strengths and accomplishments. We get below the work surface of a job description, we help Recruiters appreciate who you really are & what makes you good at what you do.