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You Get MORE with Resumes & More!

With over 20 years experience helping clients find their next career, Resumes & More offers "MORE" of everything you need to be a successful Candidate. By MORE, we mean:
  • Free Consultation to show how Resumes & More gives you MORE of everything for your money..
  • Personal Interviews to uncover your often hidden skills and accomplishments.
  • Finding the "Key" Words that describe your Skills and Accomplishments.
  • Creating a Resume that goes to the heart of why you are a great Candidate.
  • Cover Letters that, in just 20-30 seconds, give recruiters reasons to like your potential
  • Fast Service: usually 24-36 Hour turnaround or less.
  • Other MORE Benefits come with the level of Resume Package you select.

30% of new clients come from Referrals!

Resumes & More has consistently exceeded the expectations of clients for over 20 years? We are known for getting results and new opportunities for our clients. With a 30% referral rate, our clients are happy to refer their friends and family to our services.

Here's How We're Different:

  • We spend time asking the right questions to identify the key skills, competencies, personal traits, experiences and accomplishments that make you stand out from the others.
  • We build in multiple “Key” Words that help get you past the pre-screening apps many companies use.
  • We overcome all types of career issues including employment gaps, re-careering issues and short-term jobs.
  • We provide career counseling to help define career direction and resume focus.
  • We can create “Branding” themes that flow through your resume.
  • We write Cover Letters that are succinct, direct and incredibly effective.
  • We offer additional services that include Interview Preparation, Finding the Right Job, creating LinkedIn Profiles establishing Job Search Engine Profiles and more.
  • We provide follow-up services to ensure you meet your career goals, or we will continue to provide the support you need to reach those goals.