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14309 E 44th St. S, Independence MO 64055

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For more information or a No-Obligations Appointment, just call (816) 373-8813 or complete the form below and we will quickly respond. Resumes & More of Missouri and Kansas is ready help you build a resume that tells your unique story in a way that will surprise you. Call us now to begin the process.

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We Have the Best Resume and Career Services Package that is just right for you!

Starter Package $125 and up

Offering a value, 1-page Basic Resume for newer workers or those with limited experience and skills:

Features Include:

Competitive Package $200 and up.

In-depth 1- 1.5 Hour Interview to identify the key strengths, skills and abilities that become the “Key” Words that sets you apart from others as a superior job candidate.

Features Include:

Professional / Supervisor Level Package $300 and up.

This service provides an in-depth, 2-3 hour, personal Interview to uncover the qualities and experiences that make you stand out from the crowd. Our Consultants help determine your resume focus, format and content.

Features Include:

Manager Level / “Branding” Package $400 and up.

Create your own “Brand” that differentiates you from the competition. Involves extensive interviewing to identify key elements of your “Brand” and then developing a marketing strategy to showcase and highlight those elements.

Features Include:

Special Services Include:

LinkedIn Profile Development and Updating

Our goal is to find the best package that will meet both your career and financial needs. How do we do that? That is what the no-obligation Consultation is all about. Matching what you need with the right combination of career documents and services that will pass the pre-screening gatekeepers while trying to meet your financial goals.

You may find the right package by looking over the several options available. Discounts include 5% for mentioning this offer and 5% for Military Service. I will work with your budget and make it an affordable investment in your future.